The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is the voice of the ICT industry in Australia.

Information and communications technology (ICT) is a driving force behind the Australian economy, contributing 4.6 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. This powerful industry is led by AIIA - which has almost 500 member companies that generate combined annual revenues of more than $40 billion, employ 100,000 Australians and export more than $2 billion in goods and services each year.

AIIA sets the strategic direction of the ICT industry, influences public policy, engages industry stakeholders and provides member companies with business productivity tools, advisory services and market intelligence to accelerate their business growth.

A combination of approximately 20 networking events per year for members and/or non-members are organised by the Queensland Branch.


Queensland.NET is an ICT Industry cluster initiated by a number of industry stakeholders and supported by the State Government of Queensland, Microsoft and other local stakeholders. The aim of the cluster is to bring together Queensland Software organisations to engage in co-operative activities, achieve collective competitiveness and develop new .NET platform opportunities for the Queensland software Industry as a whole.

Our mission statement is as follows:

“By working together, and in competition with each other, we will inspire innovation, develop our businesses and solutions faster than thought possible, and reach into markets and export opportunities previously thought to be unattainable. We will aim and strive to improve outcomes for our customers by accessing wells of talent and experience that could not be reached by a single member”.

A comprehensive listing of 2009 Queensland.NET events will be uploaded shortly .

Talent2 User Group

The purpose of the association is to assist Talent2 customers to make best use of their investment in the Talent2 software.

The association will foster an environment which provides mutual benefit for the Talent2 user community and Talent2, the company, by encouraging active communication among users and between users and the company

The association will add value to the members’ investment in Talent2 software by promoting better use of the products, by influencing the development direction of the Talent2 products and services, and by encouraging Talent2’s R&D initiatives.